Saturday, May 17, 2008

Few pictures

Daddy's girls look just like him!

Just putting a few pictures of all of us on here for the extended family really

Payten loves playing with carter and it's actually a really easy way to get her to be good for the day haha, if i tell her she gets to see carter later, she's a miracle child haha. (Carter's her cousin - for the non CA family)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Quit your Whining, i finally started a blog! haha

So apparently I'm the only one in the world who hasn't started one of these blog things yet, so in attempt to stay up to date, here goes! :) I will tell you all right now that i have no idea when i will keep this going since Payten (2 year old daughter) NEVER lets me on for more then 2 sec. at a time...(who as we speak is trying her hardest NOT to go to bed, singing, whining, fake coughing, you name it). So i apologize in advanced for not keeping this as current as most of you guys probably do, i will try though.

Ok so for those of you who don't know, John and I have been married 6 years in August, we have a 2 year old girl Payten and we also have a 3 month old daughter Riley, who is an absolute angel...still requiring some of my time as all babies would but she is more then you could ask for.

Today is ummm actually a blog worthy day, and by that i mean one of those days that you are counting every second tell its over, however in a few days it'll be kind of funny. I don't really know where to start however it all revolves around that wonderful, beautiful, adorable, crazy, hyperactive, smart(in a sneaky way), nut of a 2 year old! we attempted Costco which was a joke, actually John got the most of that while i was running around trying to get all the groceries Payten was terrorizing everyone and everything she could get her hands on. We get home and i play with her for like 2 solid hours (play dough/chalk/coloring) i leave the room for 2 minutes and she's bouncing around our living room taking crayons to the couches and walls. How she did as much damage as she did so quickly is amazing to me, proof that she was on a mission. anyways i could go on and on about the intentional wetting of pants, etc but i would be writing all night. ok quick funny note...not at the time but she grabbed johns ipod the other day and he told her to give it back, she went strait to the door and chucked it outside on the cement! again, funny now looking back...and i really do love her and it's a good thing she turns around and does some of the funniest sweetest things I've ever seen too. but this week she's definitely been pushing the limits.