Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Does this look OK?

Hey I need your help, So I had to figure out a way to get the crayons, markers, pencils and CHALK up so Riley couldn't reach and more importantly EAT. Does this look ok or does it look funny? I wanted them to be able to stay out because Payten will go use them without coming and getting me and it's really nice. the chalk board wall needs a clean and 1/2 the drywall I destroyed trying to get the shelf up is all over the floor so it looks really messy....which is it haha sorry anyways, looks ok? change it? I really want to know and I wont be offended if you don't like it!

I'm a Rose girl now!

I've always thought roses are over rated and although I thought they were pretty they were just ok....until now!!! They seriously make my day. I picked some and put them in a vase, I swear I want to carry them around with me and put them in whatever room I'm in. They smell awesome and well, I'm a huge fan of roses now! check out the white one, that sucker is HUGE!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Did the Easter bunny come?

Riley found her basket with some help from big sister
Payten found the eggs

I Hope you all are having a happy Easter!

Base boards

Future Scrapbook area! for now..clutter Pile :)
New Office floor and base boards

New bathroom floor and baseboards

it's coming along. John put the new flooring in the office yesterday and I went behind him and put the base boards in. I still haven't caulked the nail holes and seems yet but they'll look great whenever I feel like taking on that LONG job!!!


I pretty much find some version of this Riley at least once a day

smell the roses

I almost didn't keep all the rose bushes in because there are at least 20+ bushes from front/side/and back yard. but now they are starting to bloom and in a week or so they will have hundreds of them, I tried counting some of the buds on one and it took forever, there will be alot, I'm kind of excited. Glad I didn't have to do the work in putting them in and getting them to be strong and healthy, I just get to look at them :) They put in so many different colors, white/ yellow/red/coral/orange/pink/deep red....so many. who ever they were in the past, they rock!