Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Photo shoot with Papa in uniform

The kids were excited when papa came home in uniform so we all decided we wanted pictures with him. We miss you all and hope your having an awesome break!

Riley and Tucker

Riley spends 1/2 her time following tucker around or wishing she were on the other side of the fence with him.

Great Grandmas

G.G. (Grandma Ginger)


Well of course there is more sledding and playing in the snow, we go sledding when it's above -10.....right now I think its -20 (no i'm not exaggerating)


They kids are having so much fun together they pass out at the first second of down time!

Christmas fun, Hope everyone had a great christmas! it was so fun. We made Gingerbread houses....

the non "kit" ones were held together with toothpicks and dental floss (thats what happens when your mom is in the dental field) but they ended up way cute.

Paytens hair up here is SOOOO dry and looks like this half the time!

They had fun doing eachothers hair with Paytens dress up presents which she loves....she's turning into a girl! :)


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let the fun begin, I LOVE ALASKA

Grammie got here this morning. I tackled the Saturday before Christmas crowds, and WE went sledding down our drive way. well My sled wouldn't move so I pulled the kids and sling shot them a head of me...then had to slow them down before they flew into the street. and yes that is our attempt at snowmen. the snow is so dry so we couldn't get big balls at all, they stand about 6 inches tall haha but Payten has been SO excited to make snowmen. today was fun!

Tucker wanted to go sledding too

Grammie says hi

They should have paid me to fly!

Here's Just a quick run down of the happenings of December 18th 2008, location beginning at Sacramento airport. Normally when I am traveling somewhere....well really every time I've traveled, one of the girls has been sick and kept us up ALL night the night before a long day of travel. I would have killed for that sleepless night. I woke up on Thursday thrilled that the girls actually slept through the night, lets just say that was the end of my good luck. Ok I really will try and keep this short, so we checked through security in Sacramento, waited an hour + before they announced that the flight would be another hour and a half. Then about 35 minutes into the wait they announce urgently that we all need to get on the plane as quick as possible, we need to take off in 15 or we will miss our opening....imagine a plane full of people making a mad dash for the door not wanting to miss out on their Christmas. lets continue, we make it to Seattle where we are told that the next flight will be at least another hour and a half past original departure time. 30 minutes tell the new departure time they announce we will be leaving from a different gate shortly, remember the last dash??? ok now picture that only everyone making a quarter mile dash...then there's me with the stroller, girls, diaper bag, Payten's backpack, purse and Riley is on my hips, trying to join in the dash. still not to bad? ok so then it was a j/k dash, we waited for 45 minutes before boarding, however once we finally boarded we sat on the plain for three and a half hours before taking off the run way, YES! that is not a typo, 3 1/2 hours not moving then finally took off for a 3 1/2 hour flight. 7 hours on the same plane with a 2 year old and a 10 month old with no naps. I don't even want to think about how many times I cried on the plain on the way up. OH and get this, the whole 3 1/2 hours at a stand still, the whole time I'm telling Payten as soon as they pass out the digi players (you rent for $5) that We'll get one and watch movies. it takes 45 minutes for them to get to the row ahead of us, where they sold the LAST one. I think the flight attendant could feel the daggers shooting from my eyes. oh and another side note, whoever made those bathrooms were not thinking about the mom who had to take her 2 kids to the bathroom together, OR the one trying to squeeze in and change a diaper with the toddler at the hip! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok breath I'm here hahaha. yeah worst day of my life!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


A family of four, two "perfect" little girls, mom and dad go on an outing to Target. The mom was so excited to have another adult to help run errands. The oldest daughter either whining about getting wall-e or picking her wedgie most of the trip wins and gets her movie. The youngest with an adorable smile turns to the approaching mom, letting her passi slip from her lips, to show a face COVERED in what looks exactly like cottage cheese. Mom gasps, dad pretty much dry heaves as we see the present left for dad, down his sleeve. They contemplate how to handle the situation, dad tries to lift daughter over his shoulder to wipe the mess off with the baby....didn't work. So the mom grabs the baby and slides her bottom down the his arm....works! then we start to laugh.
I wish I had pictures, I'm sure the security people were thinking what kind of parents are these, using the baby as a rag while their other kids is climbing and jumping on the selves....or no where to be seen....hahaha every time I run an errand I forget why bringing kids isn't always the best idea, until the next trip.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The gift that keeps giving!

I'm almost to embarrassed to admit this but if any of you have ever tried it then you feel for me and know that it's physically impossible to leave a full can of home made whipped cream alone. Our good friend Brian got me this for letting John go and visit him a few weeks ago, I just got the N2O cartridges today and thought huuummm I wonder how it'll taste (Right, like i really didn't know) anyways I count myself using 3 different spoons to get as much as possible out of the bowl i mixed it in, then I told myself I wanted to see how it looked and what fun shapes I could make with it.....yeah everyone really knows that means I just wanted to keep eating it! I think I ate about 1/2 the can!!!! haha do I regret it? not for a second, that stuff is amazing!

Friday, November 21, 2008

sigh :)

aaaaahhhhh we all went to see Twilight today, it was so good. If you've never read the book I don't know if it would be as great of a movie but for us followers....I really liked it! I'm going tonight again to see it, it was so fun to go with all the girls and go get lunch and i'm sure the twilight party tonight before we go tonight will be tons of fun!


I keep thinking Payten will get sick of Thomas, I guess I should stop holding my breath :) this is what we spent hours making and playing with when it was cold outside. we were determined...ok maybe I was....to use every piece :)

It's just not fair

It took about 9 days before Riley went from learning to crawl to pulling herself up on toys, it's just not fair how fast they grow. Payten is really enjoying being able to play more with Riley however Riley does follow her everywhere knocking down her towers, tracks or pulling (playing with) her hair if she's laying down. haha it's kind of funny to watch

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Anything for Food!

Riley learned to crawl yesterday, she can stop growing....NOW! :)

So Proud

So Payten has a doodle thing and she loves drawing, coloring, painting...all those things. well she was drawing this earlier today. first it was the two outside bigger people which was Payten and Kirra holding hands, then after talking she realized she wanted Wyatt in there too so he's the smaller one in the middle. I couldn't believe it she was drawing their outfits and very instant they had buttons.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


So I was doing a Pilate's dvd at home Saturday and Payten wanted to exercises too! she laid in front of me by the tv, listened very intently to the ladies instructions and did everything EXACTLY the same as her, right on the count, legs at 45 degree angle, everything was perfect. She had no idea that for like 10 minutes i was just taking pictures of her, she was SO into it, I was cracking up. She's too dang cute!

I wish I had her Hair!!!

Trick or Treat

Halloween was so much fun, All the family got together at Tom and Mardel's (even though they were out of town) We had alot of fun. Payten just thinks the concept of trick or treating and CANDY is awesome! I must seem awful to her for never giving her candy really...cruel! haha