Friday, November 21, 2008

sigh :)

aaaaahhhhh we all went to see Twilight today, it was so good. If you've never read the book I don't know if it would be as great of a movie but for us followers....I really liked it! I'm going tonight again to see it, it was so fun to go with all the girls and go get lunch and i'm sure the twilight party tonight before we go tonight will be tons of fun!


I keep thinking Payten will get sick of Thomas, I guess I should stop holding my breath :) this is what we spent hours making and playing with when it was cold outside. we were determined...ok maybe I use every piece :)

It's just not fair

It took about 9 days before Riley went from learning to crawl to pulling herself up on toys, it's just not fair how fast they grow. Payten is really enjoying being able to play more with Riley however Riley does follow her everywhere knocking down her towers, tracks or pulling (playing with) her hair if she's laying down. haha it's kind of funny to watch