Friday, May 1, 2009


Wicked was SOOOOOOO much fun! we all goofed of and had the best time, not to mention dinner was the best food I've ever had and I will be dreaming of it for the rest of my life!!! haha Ok so here's some pictures I have, I didn't put them all up because most are exactly the same as Stephanie's haha and this first one I didn't have a single one of those other two girls looking at MY camera! haha

CRAY LIMO DRIVER! ok I know you all know the road to Stephanie's house...well no one told this guy he was driving a limo! it was pretty funny/scary being thrown into each others laps.

Best moms ever get a little tipsy on Martinelli's haha

They have these awesome bad A charlies angels faces and mine all look like I'm happy, tra la la

Best part of the musical is right before the intermission! soooo exciting

(no these aren't my pictures....stole them from google :)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

So lonely, So very Lonely...

Tea just doesn't taste the same

Our turkey sandwiches....plain

The dishes will probably be in the sink until.....DINNER!

The toy/Guest room looks so empty

It's been 4 hours and I already miss my parents, things just aren't the same.

It started with the best night ever, WICKED (which will be getting it's own post asap!) My mom looked SOOO beautiful!

We went the an A's game that was SO much fun and the fireworks after were AMAZING!

This Guy spent so much time trying to start the wave, it took probably about 20 minutes of him running as fast as he could starting from our section tell he hit a road block. Finally it took and went around at least 30 times! (the game was REALLY BAD so I think everyone was looking for some entertainment)

bye bye Papa