Thursday, May 22, 2008

Payten's new crush

So I was telling Payten how we get to go to PB&J's tomorrow with Grandma and the Kapele boys, she was, of course, SOOO excited however she was VERY sad that Eric wasn't going to be there. I thought it was cute so I asked you really like Eric don't you? and she said (with a pout on her face) "yes, but he's not my age" I laughed and thought maybe I heard wrong so I asked what she said again , she said "i wish he were my age! " HAHA watch out Juli, Payten's got a crush haha

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Proud to be Passi Free!

Ok well Not Riley, she's just cute and i assume she'll be using one for a while. However Payten is going on a week now with no pacifier and i couldn't be more excited. I must admit i always worry about the big things and how hard they will be (passi, big bed, potty training, airplanes, etc) however when the time comes she tends to be a rock star about the whole thing. I'm so excited that will save us like $20 a month! ok maybe an exaggeration but it is ridiculous how much $ is spent on those things, and the stress in the moment that you cant find any. We will probably find 100 of them when we move. wouldn't that be funny to sell a "lot" of them on eBay haha ok now I'm intrigued and wonder if people really do that, i guess that would be gross though, ok and now I'm just thinking by way of blog and you are all bored to death. that being said have an awesome afternoon! :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Come back to us Papa!

We miss you Papa! Payten talks about you a lot...every time we go to Target she remembers her Shopping spree with papa (in true girl nature)