Monday, October 26, 2009


Here is the outcome of our Halloween FHE. Payten freaked out...I mean probably the most scared I've ever seen her, when her father, her "protector" the one who is supposed to make her feel safe...shoved her hand in the pumpkin and started screaming the monsters got her! It really was one of those things that would make a perfect funniest home video but she was 1/2 terrified and 1/2 totally disgusted that her dad would make her touch that stuff.....Riley on the other hand couldn't get enough of the guts!

a side of catch-up

Payten posing for the camera

Riley copying Payten posing

She's so in to Toe Jam lately

ok flash back to Birthday camping a month ago but I never posted it. The kids made "surprise" cupcakes and we had a party, it was too cute.

Riley felt this was the best way to eat a cupcake

We camped right at the base of this hill which Payten spend hours climbing all the way up to roll all the way down, she was totally catching air!

Riley thought those seaweed things, that nobody dares to touch that are so gross, were the greatest things on earth.

they are too cute!