Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whats the damage?

My first car accident! I could have gone without it, but oh well, I'll be without a car for a while and have visits to the chiropractor, not sure when my headache will go away either but really it could have been soooo much worse and I'm so grateful my girls were ok. that was really the scariest part, having them in the car. Payten was definitely freaked out, crying and scared (i don't blame her at all!) Riley really couldn't have cared less (which is pretty much her personality in any situation), had my adrenaline not been pounding my heart practically out of my chest I would have been freaking out big time. I have to say THANK YOU to Amy for seeing us and stopping to help with my girls while I tried to figure out what to do tell John got there. and Thanks Jamie for stopping too :)
OK MY JEEP IS AWESOME! my care looks like it really barely got hit....unfortunately for her, her car took the bigger hit
her car has seen better days
The road from her point of vew, I was on the left side of the picture headed towards us and she was on the right side in the turn lane turning left.......she said she didn't see me which is odd to me, i don't really see how she couldn't have seen me but oh well, thats that.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Payten and Riley are buds, they are finally able to interact and have fun together, they crack each other up all the time, bath time, etc. No one gets Riley to crack up like Payten can.

Rileys Favorite form of communication

Riley LOVES gurgling. she can gurgle for hours. Cooing and babbling like normal babies is overrated, gurgling is the communication of the future.

ONE piece of candy...PLEASE?

I'm SOOOOO not over exaggerating when I say Payten was doing this for a half an hour plus! I gave her ONE piece of candy....this is the biggest reason she rarely gets candy, it's like toddler speed! Here are two pictures of Riley during Paytens little can see her thoughts... "are you kidding me? WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER?" hahaha yes she had these expressions the whole half hour or so, she seemed so confused, scared, weirded out, and maybe a little excited for this new entertainment.