Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lion King!

So Payten tells everyone we're going to the lion king or the jungle. If she ever tells you this it can be translated as Discovery Kingdom. The last two years we have gotten season passes from the 6 flags near us. we go all the time and she has a blast. She is still free so it's only one season pass we have to buy and John gets to come on days that we get free tickets. Once we have to start paying for all the kids? I might be to cheap to fork out the dough. ....and now i'm rambling, back to story. So last night was a free night so we took our FHE to the Park. We got to take our picture with Sir Topham Hatt....who in Paytens eyes is SO COOL! she couldn't stop staring at him long enough for a family picture... yeah and if you look close I wasn't thinking about that other daughter of mine either HAHA the one face planted right into Sir Topham Hatt's chest. But in all fairness I was working on a balancing act with the two of them.

Pretty much the whole time this is what payten was doing. RUNNING and smiling like the gitty little girl she is.


I guess there is a little bit of me in her after all. everyone knows I'm a thrill ride junkie :)But not to much of me in her, everyone knows as well that she's about 98% John...that being said, there was not a happy face after her first Roller Coaster.

I think she was a little freaked out by the walrus's as well! but they were So cool they were making the funniest sounds, but i understand why it might be intimidating
HAPPY FACE! you can't go wrong with some balls and air guns that shoot the balls! :) Payten could have played in here all day!

What have I created?

I think I've created a little high maintenance girl. She ALWAYS has to have her polish on and reminds me every ten minutes to fix it if it's chipped at all. I put flowers on mine last time and now she also makes sure she gets her flowers as well. I think the Girl in her is starting to show