Sunday, August 17, 2008


So I've really been missing my family lately (Alaska family) So I'm sorry to any of you out there who are getting sick of seeing just tons of pictures of the girls, I feel like that's all I post about but It's just really hitting me often how quickly the girls are growing and changing and that I want to make sure they can see as much of them as possible.

GOSH I feel like an emotional wreck, us Napa Mills have been listening to "Bella's lullaby" which is the song I have on the blog right now, for some reason it totally brings me to tears thinking about my life (in a good way haha) These girls are just the most amazing gift and it's pretty scary that I'm trusted with their lives ....really scary especially if you know me at all haha :) John, as SMELLY as he is, is a pretty great husband.......anyways...i'm sure they'll be driving me crazy any minute here again hahaha...ok I really need to turn this song off for a few minutes.

So you'll all have to deal with seeing more pictures then you probably care to see and this post I'm just going to post random pictures from the last week or so. most involve Riley eating or Payten falling asleep in the middle of dinner, Payten wearing mommies shoes etc. anyways love and miss you all!