Saturday, June 21, 2008

My little Artist

So Patyen always loves crafts, whether it's sock puppets, drawing, play dough, etc. Well her new found love is water color :) it will entertain her for hours. she gets all excited about how it looks when she mixes the colors. She's VERY focused and intense about it, and knows how much water to add and she just kind of talks out loud to herself, "OK I need more water," "OK this color and that color," etc. Pretty cute

Here are just a couple random pictures of the girls for the non local family. WE MISS YOU! :)

Tonight we were at the end of the bedtime routine of singing in bed, she looks at me and goes "your the best, mom" i cracked up the way she said it was like she knew exactly what to say to get me to stay longer. she chuckled and said "your great, your GORGEOUS!" she really emphasizes the gorgeous. haha she's learned that that one gets her lots of laughs. what a crack up.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

And the winner is...

This one is for my MOM!
So my Mom, Sister and I would play this cheerios game, we'd be laughing the whole time for hours and It will always be a fond memory of mine. So of course it's a tradition that i felt strongly needed to be past down! Well it is one of Payten's favorite things to do now.

If you have no idea what we're doing....and I'm guessing you probably don't since I'm thinking not to many people are as weird as my Mom and I. You each have a pile of cheerios and using your tongue only you lick them up as quick as possible. first one done wins! :) I realize Payten is smaller so my pile starts out about 4 times bigger then hers, however she's getting pretty good! It's also a healthy snack right? Anyways I just thought I'd put this one on for my Mom and awesome Memories :)

Just a little bird watching!

Riley's Loving her fingers lately, they are taking the place of the passi a bit, which is so nice! However she comes up with some funny positions.

She has learned to roll to her stomach as well. For a day or two she would get to her stomach and get so mad because she was stuck. She's able to make it back and forth now. AND today was the first day she laughed, i mean really laughed, like we had a whole laugh session! so fun.


So I know all the Mills were there but for everyone else, we all got to go to a Monarchs game (if your like me and had no idea who they are before this point, they are a WMBA team) We had so much fun, the kids all had a blast as well.

(i guess i should say PAYTEN'S candy stash)