Thursday, March 5, 2009

SOOOO tooting my own horn!

So yesterday I was to impatient to wait for John to help me...I was sick of carrying in sleeping kids from outside in the rain, so I installed the new garage door opener. That's right, the whole track and power head, smart beam to make the door stop if anything is in the way, key less entry on outside of house, remotes, all the wiring, etc! First I had to undo all the old stuff, take it all out then put the new all together and install everything!!! not sure if I'm the coolest girl ever or just so suborn and determined that I would never give up in the middle even if I were stumped. hahaha but in the end I have a working garage door opener that I can use with a remote from my car when we are going to and project, organizing the garage so I can actually get in!

Now this piece of art came inspired by April Kennedy (best idea in the whole house!) the chalk board wall is a huge hit with Payten and she LOVES her little table and art area (and the unfinished stair in the middle is just the icing on the cake, hehe j/k

The only excuse I have for her outfit is that for about 2 weeks or so we were unable to use the water/laundry etc..... :) thanks kelly and Mardel for letting us use yours

Paytens Monster

thought I'd put a few pictures of the process, this was scraping the popcorn off! so glad that's done.

another case of me being determined haha all the "men" at home depot didn't think I could do this or push the cart I put them all on...i showed them!

Thanks Brian for helping with the floor and for renting the workers from home depot! :) haha

Thanks Tom

thank you Jaret for EVERYTHING, helping with paint, outlets, PLUMBING( you are why we can use laundry and kitchen sink, and dish washer!!!!!! and everything else you helped and advised on so far

Painted, scrubbed and bought new bulb covers...these were the ones before and the whole thing was gold and light brown

kitchen drawers and everything drying on trash pile that has consumed our back yard


I can't wait tell she learns to do the dishes haha actually she was having a blast, I don't know why it was FREEZING and raining and yuck she's loved helping