Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Photo shoot with Papa in uniform

The kids were excited when papa came home in uniform so we all decided we wanted pictures with him. We miss you all and hope your having an awesome break!

Riley and Tucker

Riley spends 1/2 her time following tucker around or wishing she were on the other side of the fence with him.

Great Grandmas

G.G. (Grandma Ginger)


Well of course there is more sledding and playing in the snow, we go sledding when it's above -10.....right now I think its -20 (no i'm not exaggerating)


They kids are having so much fun together they pass out at the first second of down time!

Christmas fun, Hope everyone had a great christmas! it was so fun. We made Gingerbread houses....

the non "kit" ones were held together with toothpicks and dental floss (thats what happens when your mom is in the dental field) but they ended up way cute.

Paytens hair up here is SOOOO dry and looks like this half the time!

They had fun doing eachothers hair with Paytens dress up presents which she loves....she's turning into a girl! :)