Saturday, January 31, 2009

We do exist

Hey Everyone we're still alive here at the Mills house. We've since being back from AK we've had the flu (bad one) and a good cold sweep through our house, plus teething Riley with 4 upper teeth. We've been going crazy getting tons of supplies to fix up the new house, which we just signed all the papers this morning...YEAH! but we'll spend the next couple weeks going crazy fixing what we can.

Riley is SOOOOO close to walking, she took 2 steps to get to me last night and she walks everywhere if she's holding one of our fingers with one hand, she just figured out the balance thing so quick, I think she's watching Payten have all the fun and is finally sick of it. Her crawling speed has doubled too. A couple nights ago when Payten was asleep, Riley kept flying to their bedroom door and sneaking in, well by the end of the night she knew we'd be hot on her tail every time so she decided that using her hand to open the door was only slowing her down...who needs hands right? as soon as we'd set her down she'd go like 30 mph (haha ok little over exaggeration) but she'd head strait into the door head first and plow it open. It was great, free entertainment for John and I who were rolling on the floor.

Payten loves teasing her sister, HUMMMm big guess where she picked that up from (thanks John! ok i'll give Tom a little credit too haha) She's actually really sweet for the most part towards Riley.

Anyways you all know I'll probably not post for another few months right? hehe no I'll try and be better. have an awesome weekend!!!