Wednesday, November 26, 2008


A family of four, two "perfect" little girls, mom and dad go on an outing to Target. The mom was so excited to have another adult to help run errands. The oldest daughter either whining about getting wall-e or picking her wedgie most of the trip wins and gets her movie. The youngest with an adorable smile turns to the approaching mom, letting her passi slip from her lips, to show a face COVERED in what looks exactly like cottage cheese. Mom gasps, dad pretty much dry heaves as we see the present left for dad, down his sleeve. They contemplate how to handle the situation, dad tries to lift daughter over his shoulder to wipe the mess off with the baby....didn't work. So the mom grabs the baby and slides her bottom down the his! then we start to laugh.
I wish I had pictures, I'm sure the security people were thinking what kind of parents are these, using the baby as a rag while their other kids is climbing and jumping on the selves....or no where to be seen....hahaha every time I run an errand I forget why bringing kids isn't always the best idea, until the next trip.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The gift that keeps giving!

I'm almost to embarrassed to admit this but if any of you have ever tried it then you feel for me and know that it's physically impossible to leave a full can of home made whipped cream alone. Our good friend Brian got me this for letting John go and visit him a few weeks ago, I just got the N2O cartridges today and thought huuummm I wonder how it'll taste (Right, like i really didn't know) anyways I count myself using 3 different spoons to get as much as possible out of the bowl i mixed it in, then I told myself I wanted to see how it looked and what fun shapes I could make with it.....yeah everyone really knows that means I just wanted to keep eating it! I think I ate about 1/2 the can!!!! haha do I regret it? not for a second, that stuff is amazing!