Thursday, July 30, 2009

My mind is so clear!

On the way to camp April and I HAD to stop at a few garage sales and I got these two rocking chairs, they were in terrible condition and it took a lot of sanding, priming and painting but I think they turned out so cute and the girls LOVE them!!! they sit in them all the time now, and they were only $5 each! which made me very happy! The blue is not turning out quite as blue in the pictures, it looks more white ish grey above but it really is a sky blue and they look great together.

Diaper Cake
So now that camp and the shower are over with my mind is so clear. I don't have 100+ lists going on in the back of my head every second of the day. I had so much fun with both, but the last few weeks been VERY busy getting ready for everything. But in the end everyone fit into my house, the food was great (thanks Stephanie) and it was so fun. Camp was such a blast too, I don't really have any good pictures from camp because I was banking on stealing getting them from everyone else :) anyways we do still exist!