Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Miss Mischief

So since my daughter has fallen asleep which is rare, and i can't yell at her i will vent on my blog. I took pictures but it's hard to tell since dirt is dirt. I took the girls to the farmers market today to get some herbs, rosemary, basil, cilantro, chives, the ones i use a bit. so we get home and spend about a 1/2 hour planting them and watering them and cleaning up all the dirt. well i get on the computer for MAYBE 5 minutes, come out to the living room, she's passed out and the pot is surrounded by dirt and every plant has been pulled out! i swear she'd been waiting all afternoon for the second i was away to grab everyone and rip out the entire plant!!! AHHH she's lucky she's asleep :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

the bomb of all bombs

Ok so i realize a picture is probably more then most wanted to see however if felt quite strongly that a picture could do this amazing event better justice then i could explain! haha i was SOOO grateful that John was home for this one because it was a two man deal to get her out of the outfit, obviously she was coated head to toe by the time the shirt got off (requiring a LONG bath) but i thought this might make every parent laugh because i know you all know what it's like.
Also another funny event, we learned Payten doesn't like corn. Being the drama queen she truly is, i made her take one bite of corn before getting any bread, she did and instantly put her hands to her mouth. She was shaking her head and dry heaving as her eyes started to water. I rolled my eyes and figured if she's willing to put that much into the performance to prove she didn't like it then i wouldn't force any more on her. (i have to admit i do remember doing the exact same thing EVERY time i was "forced" to try corn) haha i guess if her looks aren't mine then there's a little something of me in her!