Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Ok everyone is asking for before pictures....we'll see what we can come up with, I have no excuses for all the teal, blue whatever color they have all over the house...haha we'll improve on that!

uuuuggg I love moving

I am reminded of why moving is not the most enjoyable thing in the world. However of course i'm stoaked about getting a new place, I have been packing all day EVERY day for a week now and I feel like I've barely made a dent....well really it's almost done but all the big things are still in place so if feels hopeless.

I love my daughter, I love my daughter, I love my daughter hahaha I had to repeat this in my mind alot today as my sweetheart for a daughter kept trying to help me clean. the day started with the lady from the rental organization coming by and doing a pre-move out inspection, just telling me what all needed to be done if we didn't want to get charged. some of the things are SOOOOO rediculous but i'll play their game because I want our deposit back. anyways so I pretty much had a bowl of bleech and a toothbrush in hand all day. Payten saw me squirting everything with chemicals and wanted to use my water spray bottle to clean the window with me, I thought that seemed harmless.

So I'm in the bathroom with a flat head screw driver chipping away mineral deposits in the deep cracks of the shower doors (I really dislike shower doors....worst thing ever to try and keep looking clean! give me a curtain you can throw away when it's gross) ok back on track, so Payten comes to me all cute and excited she wants me to come see all the cleaning she's done.....she cleaned the window, the couch, rocking chair, kitchen table and chairs.....THE TV, PHONE, CELL PHONE, and SCRAPBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. she was so excited she helped so much, so I tried so hard to let her know I wasn't mad when her lip started to quiver at my initial facial reaction. I just held her and told her how much I loved her, I wasn't mad, she was soooo sad and kept saying sorry and felt so bad, I tried explaining that she just couldn't do things like that. I told her windows and doors only.

So then we're cleaning the windows in the other room and she's loving it, I look over at her and she's looking at her feet PEEING on the floor!!!! NOT an accident, I asked her why she did that and she pretty much just didn't feel like taking the time to go to the a year ago it was understandable but she's been potty trained for like15 months now...that one she did get in real trouble for.

Next, she flushes the toilet, I walk by and see it flowing like a fountain out of the toilet and eventually filling my entire bathroom floor about an inch deep!!! she'd been putting all the paper towls she cleaned with in the toilet and saved it tell the end to flush. It took 3 rolls of paper towel to clean that up (all my other towels and supplies are packed) anyways I was very greatful I'd cleaned the toilet yesterday. I guess now I don't have to mop that floor! haha j/k

She's learned that saying sorry lightens the punishment so she'll do whatever she wants then come tell me she's sorry before I find it. earlier this morning her friend Lenore was over and they emptied a brand new thing of wipes under the high chair...well lenore is only 2 so she doesn't necessarily know better and she'll do whatever Payten is doing......Payten knows better!

ok there's more little side stories too but I'm going to stop now because this is getting to be really long. Anyways they keep stringing us along as far as the keys to the place go. Now we will get them tomorrow afternoon or friday at the latest....everything is done it's just waiting to record. the awesome thing is (sarcasm) is that we have at least 2+ weeks of projects we were hoping to get done before moving in and now we have to be out of her on wednesday. oh well we'll be living out of the garage for a while. that works too. :)

I love moving....


I can not believe she is one...where did my tiny little baby go? oh well I guess I'll just have to make another one! (NO WE'RE NOT PREGNANT!) John would freak out hahaha. Anyways Riley decided to start her birthday off early and stay awake all night last night (which is more of a Payten thing to do! She's learning her sisters evil ways hahaha) but hey she took real steps today like not just two or three on the way to the ground. I put the phone on the couch and held her out a few feet and she walked to it. it's so funny because Payten really did the same thing for the first time on her 1st birthday, real walking. She's not like walking around the room or anything yet but that's soon enough. and yeah I had to work quick to get a picture of her today she is not the happiest birthday girl! but I'll give her credit, she's been working on a lot of teeth lately. anyways HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEY, I love you so much and it's been an awesome year!