Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gardening with Nana

Here's a great way to get rid of the husband for the day....should I tell him we have a bigger shovel?

Here ya go TOM :)

I think I've gotten in the most trouble for my lack of blog posts from Tom! :) so this one is for you.

the new pack pack

who doesn't love pig tails

Can't get enough CEREAL!!!!!!

Oh yeah and Riley turned two!!! She is now potty trained and in a big girl bed and how did this all happen so fast?

Her first good pony tail

And her new favorite nap spot

Pretty as a princess

home improvement: we got the crown molding up. wohoo

Lets go for a hike

Westwood Hills

Trying to get a belly really is more impressive in person i think! for some reason it always looks so lame in pictures. 26 weeks

The Lion King!

aka: Discovery Kingdom with Nana and Jayden was so much fun. 7 1/2 hours of fun! ok and a little bit of exhaustion too. it was perfect weather and I think the kids would have been fine going back the next day too.

This kid has no fear...she doesn't even think twice

she was so mad everytime the swing rides were done.

Easter 2010

Here is our easter morning with Jayden and Nana visiting! so fun, I have tons more pictures too and I will get them up very soon! I had to go get a new thing to transfer them to computer, i haven't had a way since the new year. but I have lots of making up to do :)

a little confused on what holiday it was