Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Blake Ryan Mills (yesterday)

Welcome to the family baby Blake! Blake's stats were height: 20 1/4 inches, weight: 7lbs 13 oz (his sister Payten was the exact same weight). His entrance into this world was very scary however everything ended up ok in the end. But he was not breathing for just under 10 minutes, was black/blue, lifeless and very very scary. However they had a mask on him so he was getting oxygen and he is perfectly good now. The girls stopped by to see me after a girls night out and it was very fun to have them swing by!

John got to do the delivery which is pretty cool

Thank you April for all your help!!! I know the experience with out you there is a completely different story and we both are so greatful for you.

Welcome home Blake :) we've been waiting for you!