Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pagent Girl

So John said I should see what she looks like with mascara....I thought...hummm lets do all her makeup :) and then I started to take pictures, she looks like such a big girl to me, NOT 2 1/2. Payten loved getting her makeup done, but not so much all the pictures, a couple of these you can almost see that teenage eye roll coming!!!

I want her eye lashes! They remind me of her aunt Juli and Kristen's eye lashes that are ALWAYS sooo dang gorgeous! (yes there's a huge hint of jealousy!)

LONGEST 6 years of our lives!

Hahahaha totally kidding! Today is our 6th anniversary and I can't believe it. We had a great date last night, we went to see Batman which was really good, DARK but good! We had dinner at Uva which was so yummy and relaxing. I couldn't be more happy and in love with my husband, kids and family! now that's not to say that they still don't drive me completely insane sometimes :) haha but the rest of the time more then makes up for it. Happy Anniversary John, love ya!