Sunday, December 13, 2009

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 7, 2009


We went and saw Cirque Du Soleil in San Francisco on friday night and it was the coolest thing I've ever seen. They had everything from CRAZY trapeze artists to this really fun slinky guy, these huge cool looking stick bugs up on big stilts (it's all a bug theme and story) there's no way to say in words how cool it was but I would recommend it to anyone!

these trampoline guys are crazy too they jump from up top there, flipping all the way down hit the trampoline then flip up and land on two feet up top again. they are running all over that wall and flying everywhere, it's so cool!

this guy went on a unicycle on his shoulders on the rope too!

they flip these kiwi's and run in place while they keep spinning, they toss them back and forth to each other and are amazing, all with their feet.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Laundry Day!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had so much fun Halloween night, we all had AMAZING food at Kelly's house then went out for a few hours to stock up on the years supply of candy! The weather was perfect and we had a blast.

I only got a few pictures of Payten, she went with
John and the big kids while I hung behind with the
small kid group.

The girls enjoyed WAY to much candy after
a hard night of trick-or-treating.

Monday, October 26, 2009


Here is the outcome of our Halloween FHE. Payten freaked out...I mean probably the most scared I've ever seen her, when her father, her "protector" the one who is supposed to make her feel safe...shoved her hand in the pumpkin and started screaming the monsters got her! It really was one of those things that would make a perfect funniest home video but she was 1/2 terrified and 1/2 totally disgusted that her dad would make her touch that stuff.....Riley on the other hand couldn't get enough of the guts!

a side of catch-up

Payten posing for the camera

Riley copying Payten posing

She's so in to Toe Jam lately

ok flash back to Birthday camping a month ago but I never posted it. The kids made "surprise" cupcakes and we had a party, it was too cute.

Riley felt this was the best way to eat a cupcake

We camped right at the base of this hill which Payten spend hours climbing all the way up to roll all the way down, she was totally catching air!

Riley thought those seaweed things, that nobody dares to touch that are so gross, were the greatest things on earth.

they are too cute!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

So long, Farewell

Riley Is Passi FREE!!!!
5 days, 5 naps, 4 nights with out her passi!
we've spent a small fortune buying these things only to loose them the next day, but no more for Riley. No more freaking out when I've realized I just started a trip out to Costco without a beloved passi, no more searching for HOURS though every possible hiding place only to give up and finally go buy more.
(knock on wood because now that I post this she'll probably go crazy tonight
wanting her passi haha)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The last frontier

Oh man, this is why I'm always so homesick! my mom sent me pictures, the moose are in our back yard all the time and Denali (Mt. McKinley) is sooooo pretty. She took the pictures just down the street from our house of Denali and it is at least a 5 hour drive to get there! doesn't it seem like it's right there? ahhhh so beautiful I don't know if I can wait until Christmas to get up there.

Monday, September 21, 2009


This is what My wonderful husband finds while taking down the gross shed in the back of our yard...he says that potatoe bugs are harmless but any but that looks like that and takes up the palm of my hand is probably the scariest thing I've ever seen! I know I'll go to bed tonight and it'll be sitting on my pillow!!! he also found all kinds of spiders and black widows to add to my terror

Friday, September 4, 2009


I have a shower!!! ok well we had the main shower but now the one in our room is pretty! well pretty as in we'll keep it and use it until we redo the whole bathroom. But the point is we can take a shower in our own bathroom in our room! I'm really really excited...the girls too because now I'll stop ignoring them to put together a shower and play with them! haha

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Behind every 1 1/2 year old

Or should I say behind our 1 1/2 year old....
Is a sneaky 3 year old!!!! Today Payten got put in time out for being the little bird in Riley's ear telling her to do everything she knows Riley is not supposed to do...example: I heard her whispering in Riley's ear to climb up on the couch arm!!!!!!!!!! yes that is how she got hurt yesterday and YES she knows that they are getting in big trouble from now on when they are caught doing that. little sneak, she just wanted to be able to tell on her little sister!
Payten also had a lot of fun today making a rainbow (yeah this is totally random and has nothing to do with the post other than I think she's cute.......SNEAKY! but cute) :)

Monday, August 31, 2009

August 31st continued...

Where's Riley? and yes you all get to see the gross side yard that is collecting stuff for a dump run. anyways we keep the side gate to the side yard closed so things like this can't happen and the one time it doesn't get closed all the way...where's Riley? Up the vertical ladder that is not open pretty much just leaning strait up and down against the fence. (oh and so you don't all think I'm an awful mom, John found her and told me to come he watched her as I grabbed the camera...I didn't leave her like that) anyways so then I'm taking pictures and she shows us how she climbed up, she put her head in the hole moved hands and feet up then pulls her head out and up to the next know, so the ladder wouldn't fall over of course

What do you do?

What do you do when your kid is completely fearless? I mean really....what do you do? Riley is unlike most kids, when I say fearless I mean she really doesn't care what the outcome was fun on the way down! when she did something 30 seconds ago that resulted in landing face first (or more accurately nose first) onto the hardwood floor with blood everywhere, how come the second I go in the garage or to the restroom or anything Riley knows she has about 10 seconds to do the same thing again or anything she's not supposed to.
That being said the picture above is from her climbing on the back of the couch and falling off. She's been in trouble for this MANY times the last few days (Payten too) which is why she waited until I went outside to wipe off the patio table. I ran in to her screaming and blood everywhere! Now here's the best way to describe Riley.....maybe 1 minute after doing this, I calmed her down and she was fine, I went to wipe up the floor, looked up and Riley was standing in the exact same spot on top of the couch looking town at me with a "I know I shouldn't be here but nener nener look where I am MOM".
anyone know a trick for getting blood out, I've tried a few things and seems like it ruined both our shirts.
Earlier today she was trying to climb up on the desk in the office (also over hard wood floor). she was using a folding chair that folds easy and she was told repeatedly "no no" (and YES she does know what that means, she also knows very well what time out means) anyways I went to the restroom then heard her screaming. I ran to her to find her feet on the chair, her hands on the desk and the chair was sliding away from the desk....when I got to her she was completely horizontal (arms strait out in front of her and legs strait behind her...I never could have held that position) and her stomach muscles were shaking (like when you do the plank exercise). I threw my arm around her waist right as she started to drop....caught her luckily but that probably would have had the same ending as the couch if I didn't get there quick enough.
(and yes she was sooo ticked that I wouldn't let her get back up on that chair to do it again!)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

blocks blocks blocks

I LOVE making blocks! they are a super cheap way at making cute house
decorations. Megan and I spend like an hour on the phone together browsing the internet for all these cute blocks we want to make....I think I have like 50 pictures saved on my computer of ones I want haha
We also made this Halloween (I didn't get a picture yet so this is the one we copied :)
I think these flags are adorable too the smaller one on top is the size they had it but then I put it together and wanted I like them both and can't decide. oh well