Saturday, July 19, 2008

Pack rat Payten

Payten's current hobby is collections. She spends HOURS collecting random things, ex - seeds from flowers on the ground outside! I used to be nervous when I realized how quiet she was but lately she gets really quiet and just goes for the zip lock baggies. I'm constantly calling out to her "only two bags" and she sadly replies "ohhhh kayyyy." Witch a smile I then listen to her putting back the 100+ baggies, one at a time, back in their box. After the clean up she sprints to whatever pile she has decided to collect into a bag and very carefully fills the bag. Here are just a few examples below! these baggies are all over the house and she knows exactly whats in each one and has to bring them all everywhere. she gets so excited to show whoever we're on the way to see, she just knows they HAVE to love her collections as much as she does. Then just when you think she's forgotten about one, and that you can finally get rid of its contents, she goes looking for it and you better know where it is! (and that BETTER NOT be the trash) haha

Payten also LOVES working on things with Dad, she loves fixing her bike and holding the flash light for him when he's working on the car. Really anything that involves tools and flashlights. The funny thing is i remember loving the same thing. I remember watching my dad on boat engines, or cars, he'd always have his oldies but goodies music on, which is probably why i love that music too now. But little girls and there dang cute. Daddies little girls will always look up to their dads and KNOW that they are the coolest dads in the world and we will always be so proud of our dads! Yes that means my Dad too. I MISS YOU!

The soundrack of my summer

I LOVE CONCERTS! I went to this concert with Stephanie, her sister in law and a couple of her friends. We had so much fun!!! I think everyone knows how much I love Good Charlotte but i was so excited for the other bands as well, they were all so good and great performers, bouncing around the stage, up on speakers, swinging around guitars...ahhhh pure energy rush! :) We were all a bunch of giddy school girls the whole time however I will say that Stephanie and I probably looked more like we were on speed or something. Like she said on her blog, the 3 younger girls who should have been the embarrassing, screaming girls, were so much more mature then us! haha But hey you only live once right? so might as well go crazy doing it!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Let the games begin!

Riley is SO good at grabbing Paytens hair whenever she can. Payten is stuck screaming for one of us. It totally reminds me of my sister and I. I remember quite vividly hair pulling fights, kicking fights on our stairs, even one that ended with my foot through a wall...hehe don't know my own strength. The death stares in school when she would walk by wearing my brand new shirt without asking....ahhhhh sisters, cant live without them but Deffinately can't live with them! haha

BBQ Chicken Pizza

YUMMMM Payten loves helping to make pizza and this is packed full of veges and she actually downs them all so I thought I'd post it. It is so easy, healthy, cheap, and quick. PERFECT!
Pizza Dough (I get the whole wheat from Trader Joes for $1)
BBQ Sauce (like 1/2 a bottle +/- what you prefer)
Mozzarella Cheese
Yellow squash (sliced, green is good too but the yellow looks like cheese so they have no idea! sneaky!!!)
Green Peppers (I normally don't like these but paired with pineapple i love them, like in shishkabobs or Waikiki meatballs)( Payten was like mom i LIKE these green things) WHAT?
Red onion sliced
Mushrooms sliced (Payten loved them, i couldn't believe it)
Pineapple chunks
Chicken (i get the pre cooked strips and cut them up)
Variations: tonight i had ham like sandwich meat so i cut that up and put it on too, SO good! also I've put all kinds of veges on it. it sounds crazy but broccoli actually way good it kind of soaks up the BBQ sauce, any summer squashes, different peppers. get crazy with whatever you like, I'm pleasantly surprised every time. If your not near a trader joes a lot of pizza places sell the dough like moose's tooth in AK. anyways enjoy :)