Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our trip to San Diego and Arizona

These girls were amazing on all the LONG car rides. If only Mardel didn't ask how much longer? every few minutes! hehe J/K she was very well behaved :)

Ryan, Melissa and Addy took us all to the Beach which was so nice!

We also went to the Mormon battalion in Old Town San Diego which was so cool, the girls had a blast there.

We even got to pan for Gold....gotta get a new wedding ring somehow!

Then we were off to the San Diego Zoo which is the best zoo ever. They had moving sidewalks that your strollers could go on that go UP HILL! so nice.

Best way to keep Riley entertained and out of trouble for a few hours....give her a book of stickers. however she's pretty sure the best place to put them is all over her face :)

We had such a fun trip! Thanks Melissa, Ryan and Addy for the fun in San Diego! and Tom and Mardel for Arizona!