Sunday, November 2, 2008


So I was doing a Pilate's dvd at home Saturday and Payten wanted to exercises too! she laid in front of me by the tv, listened very intently to the ladies instructions and did everything EXACTLY the same as her, right on the count, legs at 45 degree angle, everything was perfect. She had no idea that for like 10 minutes i was just taking pictures of her, she was SO into it, I was cracking up. She's too dang cute!

I wish I had her Hair!!!

Trick or Treat

Halloween was so much fun, All the family got together at Tom and Mardel's (even though they were out of town) We had alot of fun. Payten just thinks the concept of trick or treating and CANDY is awesome! I must seem awful to her for never giving her candy really...cruel! haha


I CALLED IT! I know I showed most of you the song, Animal I have become by Three Days Grace, made you all listen to it and said it would be the PERFECT song for, well really Jacob or Edward. Well I was just browsing the Stephanie Meyer website and came across her playlist for the Midnight sun Book that may or may not be released now but still.....ANIMAL I HAVE BECOME is on the playlist!!!!! I SOOOOOO CALLED IT! I've made everyone listen to it I think hahaha i'm a nerd but I was so excited because I always thought it was so perfect for what must be going through their heads. ahhhh I hope she finishes the book, John's read what came out and seems to like it better. I'll put the song on my playlist for the site, It's harder music so hopefully It doesn't offend any of you. I like Three days grace, Linkin park, Machbook romance, Taking back sunday, Anberlin and Fuel quite a bit, the rest I haven't heard of or don't know well.

Midnight Sun Playlist
Since I'm not sure when/if I'll get back to Midnight Sun, I figured I might as well post the partial playlist along with the partial rough draft. Enjoy.
Monsters — Matchbook Romance
One of a Kind — Placebo
Animal I Have Become — Three Days Grace
Na Na Na Na Naa — Kaiser Chiefs
Hit the Floor — Linkin Park
Notice — Gomez
Bullets — Editors
Glycerine — Bush
Ugly Side — Blue October
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want — Muse
MakeDamnSure — Taking Back Sunday
Map of the Problematique — Muse
You Make Me Smile — Blue October
Paperthin Hymn — Anberlin
Pts.OF.Athrty — Linkin Park
Hemorrhage — Fuel