Friday, July 25, 2008

This story must be told!

I told Mardel that she needed to start a blog of all the funny things she does (unintentionally) :) however since she doesn't have one, and I feel that our day yesterday deserves a post, here goes!

Humm how to begin...haha j/k it's really not that big of a deal, I told Tegan, Tristan and Kirra I'd take them to go hiking Thursday morning, I asked Mardel if she'd like to go and she said the Kapele boys were coming in so we thought we'd all go. The whole time was really fun, climbing trees, snacks, catching lizards, cow patties and poison oak. Of course there are lizards everywhere so the boys got to chase and catch them the whole time (which was kind of perfect because Payten takes a little longer then all the older cousins).
There were many learning experiences on this trip as well, we learned what happens if you step on a lizard without killing it (the eyes pop out....seriously like in a cartoon, yes i know it was gross, sad and yet amazing too, you wouldn't think that would really happen) - Lesson taught by Jordan. Then what happens if you try then to kill that lizard ( to put out of misery) with deep tread shoes (try getting all that out of the shoe) Lesson taught by Mardel. So then we break out the snacks, let the tree climbing begin and we got to relax for a while, Also Carter took up a huge interest in cow patties! haha I guess what little boy wouldn't, i must have looked over 5 times to see him holding a pie 1/2 the size of him when we weren't watching! hahaha On the way down Mardel notices poison oak, we make sure to tell everyone not to touch it and show them what it looks like. Within about 30 seconds Carter (I think he's the quiet sneaky type, so dang funny!) goes over to a bush and grabs the leaves and starts going to town on the bush, as Mardel and I scream NOOOOO (it's all happening in slow motion too) OK not really. You can see his face after and know that in his head he's thinking, HA I showed you, look nothing happened, I'm SUPER MAN! hahaha Kristen will have to comment on this post in a few days to give us an update on if he gets anything from it, hopefully not! ANYWAYS, about a minute after that Tegan is running through a hill of it and I guess the older girls said the boys all slid down a hill with it on the hill.??? Wait you mean boys don't listen to our every word? that's odd!

OK so all this poison oak brings us really to the funny part! We get back to Mardel's for a swim party the rest of the day but first thing she does is strip the boys, takes all the clothes and shoes to wash them. She then got them all out on the lawn with "soap" and a hose. Everyone is sudsed (is that a word?) up and being hosed off. She even goes the extra mile to get out Carter's car seat, pulls off the cover and "soaps" it up as well (the "" will make sense in a little bit) hehe. OK so everyone is clean, on with the swimming, of course once Riley passes out the Girls and I HAVE to go to Target to get junk food to eat, heaven forbid we eat a salad or something like that. Anyways we are having lots of fun, they swim for hours and hours. Kelly shows up to pick up her kids. Mardel is telling this story to Kelly (so sorry Kelly you know this whole story). Then Kirra asks Mardel, but why did you use conditioner??? we were dying of laughter it was soooo funny, Kirra goes and checks the bottle which IS conditioner, not an ounce of soap in it. - Lesson taught by Mardel and Kirra! haha I really really hope they don't all get it, hopefully the chlorine killed it or something. It would be really bad if the Kapeles were all in Disney land with poison oak!

ok WOW long post ( I think I just ate a whole box of Nilla Wafers while writing it, that's embarrassing, hummmm must go jogging tonight now, dang) haha sorry guys, I just had a lot of fun and laughed quite a bit. This group of kids is VERY entertaining.
Here are a couple of the lizards they caught, Jordan was having a lot of fun catching them, well really they all were but Jordan was playing with them the whole time everyone else was in the trees and stuff. I couldn't believe he got the smaller one just to sit on the bigger ones back and neither really cared, this is all on his chest. They just sat there! very cool!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Happy Anniversary (Yesterday) Mom and Dad! 29 years, I can't believe it, that is awesome! We love you so much and miss you. You are the best parents I could have ever hoped for, I always look back at my childhood with so much joy, I love you so much for everything you've always given me including time, love, PATIENCE, fun memories and so much more! I brag about you guys so much, to anyone who will listen, I could talk about you guys ALL day. I MISS YOU! I'm so excited for you guys, your both amazing people, an amazing couple, and the best parents in the world! (sorry everyone else, I'm sure yours are great too but no offense....I think mine are are the best! hehe) WE LOVE YOU!