Saturday, August 30, 2008

We got to ride an ELEPHANT!!!

We went to Discovery Kingdom on Friday, John took off work and we had so much fun. John asked if we wanted to ride the elephant? I think I was initially more excited then Payten. I'm WAY to cheap to do it when it's just us girls there but since he offered :) Payten

was so excited and had a BLAST she was so excited afterwards to tell everyone. I wanted to tell everyone too hehe it was pretty cool! We go there quite a bit but Payten really enjoyed having John there. And of course Riley loved watching all the commotion there, really the only thing she could do was ride on Thomas but she's never really the one to complain.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ok stop growing right now!

Riley learned to sit up yesterday, like all by herself for hours a day, when you can walk away and leave her. She's doing awesome at it, She even sits in the bath now, and that is tricky with the water moving, but she loved it. And Payten learned to climb the ladder at the park (well she probably could have earlier but she's normally in sandals which are tricky. I think the shoes were the ticket :) she was very excited.

My dad the Superstar!

CONGRATS dad on the first day of your new job (yesterday), I'm so Proud of you! Love and Miss ya too :)