Friday, May 22, 2009

Monkey caught in Action

I came out of the house to see my baby girl ontop of the patio table! I swear this kid has NO fear!!!
Then she was kind enough to show me how she got up there by finding her way down

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Quick look at the past two weeks

We Learned Riley likes grapefruit....and is way to impatient to wait for us to get it for her with the spoon

Sprinklers will be used A LOT this summer! they spend hours sprinting though the back yard!

Note to self: learn how to dust a couch....the sun was coming in at the perfect angle so when John sat down the girls saw "snow" and kept trying to catch it all!

Payten's mothers day card to me, John said she picked it out and wouldn't go for any other one haha I love it

Painted hutch and Rocking chair black

ahhhh Still love roses

Girls break moms spends forever trying to get them taped together perfectly to use until new ones are purchased....then realizes this when going to try them on...

Girls Girls Girls :) too cute

Riley's new Mad pose, If she's on her feet she goes on tippy toes and arches the whole body

Payten's new hair cut